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We are transparent with how we raise our cattle, because, quite frankly, we have nothing to hide! Our beef does not contain any antibiotics, and we never add any hormones. It is pure Wyoming protein and results in a premium product we are proud of! If an animal requires an antibiotic, we definitely do not hold back treatment, we administer the help it needs, but will not put that animal in our direct to consumer program. We will find a different outlet for that animal. We do this so you can know the beef you are eating is clean and has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones.


We start with superior genetics in our herd, and breed for high quality meat. Our cattle graze on lush green Wyoming pastures and drink fresh mountain river water, right from the Salt River on our property. 

We grow them on pasture and finish them with a grain mixture of rolled oats, barley, corn, beets, and molasses. This grain mixture gives them the marbling, and the outstanding beef flavor we absolutely love.


Once harvested at a first-class USDA facility near us, we have our beef dry-aged to get the tenderness we want, and to further enhance the flavor. This process involves hanging the carcass in near freezing temperatures for a minimum of 14 days. The natural enzymes in the beef will break down the connective tissues making the beef more tender. 

You won’t be able to find this quality of beef in the stores. It is a product we are proud of and love bringing our ranch to your table. 


We ship all frozen beef orders at the beginning of each week. Each order is shipped in our custom insulated boxes, packed on dry ice, to ensure a safe delivery.

We offer you a route protection insurance on each order and highly recommend you purchase it. This protects against any rare delays in transit if there happen to be any.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer protection against stolen boxes once they have arrived to your property. Please sign up for notifications on your order to be aware when your order arrives to your doorstep.

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