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Ugly Box Ground Beef Bundle

Ugly Box Ground Beef Bundle

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This ground beef is absolutely delicious to eat, but for one reason or another didn't quite meet our standards to sell at full price! These packages may have a little air in the vacuum seal packaging, or have a knick in the pacakge, contain more fat than we like, etc. The beef is still delicious and nutritious! This is what our family eats! 

Come in 1 lb. packs frozen.

When thawing, place beef package in a ziploc bag before submerging in water or place on a plate to thaw in your fridge. 

These go so fast, so if you want amazing ground beef at a discount, it's a great time to stock up!

PLEASE NOTE:**** if you are wanting to purchase multiple boxes, that is fine, we just need to add on shipping for each box of 25 lbs of meat. We will contact you to add it on once the order is placed if purchasing multiple boxes.

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